Bail Bondsman - How it Works

In the bail bond process the defendant is charged a percentage of the bail bond amount before posting the bail. A bail bondsman sets up this transaction. Family members can as well sign the agreement and even have another individual to co-sign for the bail bond. In case that a family member applies and takes responsibility for the detained person he or she must go through sort of a credit check and must have a steady job, rent or own a home near the area, this is a precaution taken by the department of law enforcement in order to assure the defendant wont skip the bail.

There are several options when it comes to bail bonds. A cash bond among the most common and most solicited. This consists of paying for the total amount of the bail, this can be done by a personal check, cash, money order or cashier's check.

Another form of payment for a bond is a property bond. As this is not a common option and is limited only in a few states. The property bond consists of placing an actual property agreement with the court as a security guarantee. In the given chance that the defendant might fail to appear in court the property which was arranged will be put up for foreclosure.

The other most common option would be an own recognizance, thus this only applies for certain individuals who don't have past criminal records and present no public threat to the public. This process is far easy to accomplish for those who are for the first time arrested for minimal offense. It consists of a simple interview by the staff of the law enforcement facility. The staff will make suggestions to the court about their release, this involves no or little financial security from a bail bondsman. The detained person can even be released without even paying for a bail bond. Again this only applies for minor offenses and non-violent or no criminal records at all.

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